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Powers of Attorney

Knowledgeable Texas Lawyer Handles Financial & Medical Powers of Attorney

Dedicated attorney helps clients in the Dallas area to transfer decision-making authority

Powers of attorney are documents that convey legal authority for one person or organization (agent) to act in the name of another person when making decisions. These documents can be highly useful for individuals and business owners. If an illness, chaotic schedule, extensive travel or other circumstances make it difficult for you to make informed decisions about issues that affect your life, you can grant power of attorney to someone you trust so they can act on your behalf. At the Monceaux Law Firm, I guide clients in Texas through the process of authorizing an agent, and I carefully draft powers of attorney that meet my clients’ specific needs.

Skilled Texas counselor drafts powers of attorney that protect your interests

Granting power of attorney to a trusted agent can ensure that important matters are handled carefully when you cannot tend to them yourself. Generally speaking, powers of attorney address three main areas of concern:

  • Financial management — You may grant someone power of attorney to manage your bills, taxes, stocks, royalties or other financial assets. Handing authority to a trusted individual can give you a sense of security when times are difficult. Older adults who are forgetful or susceptible to scams can also benefit from a loved one overseeing their bank accounts and other financial concerns.
  • Legal and business matters — Even if you are not planning to step away from the day-to-day management of your business or legal matters, executing power of attorney is a prudent contingency plan. An agent can also be given the right to act as your power of attorney during real estate deals and other transactions

At the Monceaux Law Firm, I work to prepare documents that address each client’s specific needs and concerns.

Experienced estate planner advises on limited vs general transfers

A power of attorney can grant broad authority or be limited in scope. While a limited power of attorney can give an agent authority to act in your stead for only a very specific period of time or to fulfill a specific task, a general power of attorney can transfer all of your authority to another party. I draft all types of powers of attorney. I can collaborate closely with you and your chosen agent(s) to evaluate each area where power of attorney is advisable.

Counselor creates personalized power of attorney documents

Having someone to handle your personal finances in the event of your incapacity can help ensure that your property is cared for and your bills are covered. You can grant someone power of attorney to manage the financial assets you select, including your bank accounts, stocks, bonds and royalties. Older adults who are forgetful or susceptible to being taken advantage of can also benefit from a loved one overseeing their bank accounts.

It is prudent for small business owners and individuals involved in litigation to select a trusted representative to act in their place. In case you have to step away from day-to-day management of your business or legal matters, the person with power of attorney can continue to look out for your best interests. At the Monceaux Law Firm, I can work closely with you and your representative to evaluate each area where power of attorney is advisable.

Knowledgable Texas counselor drafts medical powers of attorney and other documents to transfer decision-making authority

  • Medical power of attorney — This form of power of attorney, which is specific to healthcare decisions, authorizes someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you are not able to make decisions about your medical treatment.
  • Medical care/management — When a medical crisis strikes, loved ones are often unsure about who is supposed to make treatment decisions or the extent of medical or lifesaving treatment the injured or ill person would want. Every adult should have a medical power of attorney that transfers decision making authority to a person they trust to make medical decisions in line with the medical decisions they would make for themselves.
  • HIPAA release form  — This form will grant someone you trust the power to access protected health information (medical record or personal health information) so that they can make the most informed treatment decisions on your behalf.

Contact a skilled Texas lawyer for help with powers of attorney

A carefully drafted power of attorney can give you and your loved ones or business partners greater peace of mind in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Call the Monceaux Law Firm at 214-706-0852 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Dallas office.

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